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Tactics from 1983 should remain in the past

I condemn the callous use of white crosses in Donegal, the tactics of 1983 should remain in the past.

In the last week we have seen the tone of the debate on the referendum dramatically coarsen with the No side resorting to shock tactics. We must stand up to this type of behaviour and I would call on the official No campaign to condemn this latest act.

It is disappointing to see the type of tactics that dominated in the 1983 referendum now being rolled out with the latest use of white crosses in Donegal a sad reflection of the inability of the No side to win their case.

For anyone who has lost a child, or had to endure a fatal foetal abnormality the use of these white crosses is both insensitive and crass.

With less than a week now remaining, I would call on those who are seeking to coarsen the debate and drive down turnout to reconsider their actions.

Irish people won't be intimated by those who seek to shock and intimidate. This weekend across Ireland we will be campaigning with respect and dignity for a Yes vote. I hope the No side will reconsider the use of these type of tactics.

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