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O'Sullivan and Secas call for rezoning of Parkway Valley Site

Limerick Labour T.D Jan O’Sullivan and City East Councillor Elena Secas are calling for the rezoning of the Parkway Valley Site and for more of the area to be zoned residential in a submission to the Castletroy area plan.

Deputy O’Sullivan, Labour Party Housing Spokesperson said: “The Parkway Valley site is a prime location on one of the main arteries into the city. It has great potential for commercial, community and residential use."

"The site has been derelict for a decade and is a real blot on the landscape of our city. Given the scale of the housing crisis we are calling on the council to rezone the site for housing.” City East Cllr Secas added: “ While we have included a number of points in our submission, including the provision of cycle routes and bus lanes along the whole Dublin Road and a distributor road to link the Groody and Golf Links Roads."

"Above all I would stress that more of the Castletroy area needs to be zoned residential as the population in the area is expected to grow by 9,000 over the next 7 years and we are in the middle of a chronic housing crisis.”

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